We’re champions for your brand! From branding to full marketing strategy, we tackle advertising like a quarterback on game day. Ready to take your brand to the end zone? Let’s huddle up and make some marketing magic happen.

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We’re the MVPs of brand development, crafting winning strategies that set you apart from the competition. From logo design to brand guidelines, we’ll ensure your team has a cohesive identity that resonates with fans and sponsors alike.

Our production team specializes in creating jaw-dropping content that leaves a lasting impression. Whether it’s dynamic videos, captivating photography, or engaging podcasts, we’ll help you tell your story in a way that captures hearts and minds.

With our playbook of digital marketing tactics, we’ll help you dominate the online arena. From targeted email campaigns to engaging social media content, we’ll drive fan engagement and boost your brand’s visibility in the digital world.

Elevate your brand with unforgettable events that leave fans cheering for more. From game day activations to experiential marketing campaigns, we’ll create memorable moments that keep your audience coming back for more.

Our photography and videography team captures every moment with precision and flair. Whether it’s capturing the intensity of game day or showcasing your brand’s products in action, we’ll deliver stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Take your brand to the airwaves with our podcasting and broadcasting services. From hosting your own show to sponsorship opportunities, we’ll help you reach new audiences and amplify your message to the masses.

With our social media expertise, we’ll help your brand score big on every platform. From content creation to community management, we’ll engage fans, spark conversations, and turn followers into loyal advocates.

Bring your events to life with our live streaming and broadcasting services. Whether it’s a game day broadcast or a virtual event, we’ll ensure your audience never misses a moment of the action.

Our web design team creates winning online experiences that captivate audiences and drive results. From sleek designs to seamless user experiences, we’ll build a website that’s as impressive as your team’s performance on the field.

who we are

Since 2002, Yellow Flag Productions (YFP) has been dominating the field, delivering top-tier sports and feature shows that hit the mark. With an impressive track record of Emmy awards, we've been the powerhouse behind radio, podcasts, and digital platforms. From heart-pounding athletic showdowns to the inspiring journeys of high school athletes, coaches, and programs, YFP has been the go-to for over 500 TV programs, 250 radio shows, and a multitude of top-notch videos. Our flagship brands, State Champs! Network and State Champs! W, are household names in Michigan, but we're not stopping there – our digital platform is expanding faster than a sprinter off the blocks, reaching new heights across all social media channels.

But we're not just about high school sports; we're also in the big leagues, producing top-quality college-based athletic and academic digital content. With over 100 live events per year for 20+ varsity sports, we're in the game, bringing the action right to your screens.

Our playbook? Consistent branding and visionary marketing that's as dynamic as a last-minute touchdown. With a seasoned team of experts who've been in the game for decades, we're not just about ideas – we're about turning your brand vision into reality, leaving the competition in the dust. So, let's step onto the field together and score big for your business.